Project: Saluda #1 Pump Station Replacement

Owner: Renewable Water Resources

Location: Greenville, SC 

Budget: > $1,000,000

Description: Project included site clearing and grading, bypass pumping, install large block gravity retaining wall, install 1,530lf of 10in sewer force main, install new precast: air/vaccum valve structure with 2in combination air/vacuum release valve, flow meter structure with clamp-on flow sensor, 8ft x 10ft valve vault structure with 2ea 8in plug valves and 1ea 8in swing check valve, 11.5ft x 10ft wet well structure with 2ea submersible Duplex pumps and sanitary sewer manhole. New electrical/controls building with associated electrical panels and controls, new generator building with associated generator and appurtenances, asphalt drive replacement, fencing, erosion control and landscape restoration.

Completed: December 2018